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Stoelting ice cream machines are American made in Wisconsin. Stoelting is a top-quality manufacturer of ice cream machines known for longevity and dependability. The first Stoelting ice cream machine was manufactured in 1939 and since then they have built a strong reputation in the industry providing long-lasting equipment. When you are in the market for equipment like this, the most important things to look for are dependability and reliability. Stoelting checks both of those boxes. This is why we carry their machines. Why would you want to pay the premium of a brand-new machine when one a couple of years old will be less than half the price. That means with the same money, you could double production by buying more machines or save the extra money to invest in other parts of your business. With a service life of over 25 years, a machine a couple-year-old has a long reliable life ahead. We have seen first-hand from the flood of cheap foreign machines on the market, used quality machines are a much better choice than poorly built new junk.

We have a huge selection of Stoelting machines available. These professional ice cream machines come in 1 phase or 3 phase and water-cooled or air-cooled.

The most popular models are the Stoelting F231 Standalone, Stoelting F131 tabletop.

We make sure that all of our machines pass a rigorous 22 point inspection. Before we buy & before we sell a machine, we inspect every nut & bolt in the machine. Our in-house technicians have over 10 years of experience in diagnosing, repairing, inspecting, sanitizing & rebuilding ice cream & frozen desserts machines.

We invite you to come to one of our warehouses for an in-person demonstration or we can send you a video of the machine serving ice cream. We also encourage you to come with or send us one of your trusted technicians to inspect the machines you’re interested in purchasing. Before you receive the machine, we make sure to thoroughly sanitize the inside & outside of the machine to protect you & to keep your customers safe for years to come.