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Rice Cooker Gas (2 pcs) Rice Warmers Electric (3 pcs) Rice Master RM-55P-R-55 Cup

  • $ 50000

Rice Master  2 pcs Rice Cooker RM-55P-R-55 Cup   Gas 

3 pcs Rice Warmer Model: SE-2200       Electric 

Making top-quality, delicious rice is a breeze with this Town RM-55P-R 55 cup gas rice cooker and warmer! Able to cook 55 cups (330 oz., 18 lbs.) of rice in just 22 minutes with a natural gas connection and 27 minutes with a propane connection, this cooker has a cooked rice capacity of 110 cups (660 oz., 43 lbs.) and is designed to meet demands in your busy operation. The push-button pilot ignition and cook cycle operation ensure simple operation, and the unit's bimetallic sensor will automatically switch from cooking to warming modes when the rice is cooked.

The cast aluminum rice pot ensures uniform results, and may be easily removed for cleaning when finished. Plus, the unit's wide steel drop handles and stainless steel cover with durable Bakelite handle make transporting your rice cooker easy!

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