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Carpigiani 502G RTX *New

Carpigiani 502G RTX *New

  • $ 44,00000

At Carpigiani North America, we have been offering the only true gourmet American Ice Cream batch freezer on the American market for 40 years. No one else has been doing it for so long!

Carpigiani LB-502 G ice cream batch freezers are all fully automatic, and the touchpad controls make them extremely simple to operate. A novice will achieve great results on the first try, yet the flexibility of our controls will satisfy even the most demanding expert. No other manufacturer offers this combination of quality and simplicity.

In no time, you will begin making great premium and gourmet ice cream, gelato, sorbet, water ice and much more with your Carpigiani gelato & ice cream machine. Carpigiani 502G RTX Ice Cream Batch Freezer: recommended for low overrun gourmet products (gelato, sorbets, frozen custard).

Operation: Fully automatic
Cylinder Size: 20 quarts

Cylinder capacity with beater | Qts. 20
Beater motor | H.P. 3
Cylinder refrigeration control system | - Electronic consistency control
Compressor motor | H.P. 3.0
Refrigerant Type | - R-404A
Condenser | Cooling system Air or Water
Dimensions l x w x h | inches 24 x 40 x 55 (w/casters)
Fuse/Breaker Size | Amp. Max 50/40
Net weight | Lbs. 635
Gross weight | Lbs.