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2018 January Newsletter

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Frozen Yogurt Parts

We are excited to anounce our new parnership with Frozen Yogurt Parts. The new partnership will give our customers access to more affordable parts. They offer blades, gaskets, sanitizer, lube and more!!

January is the best time to replace your soft-serve machineā€™s wearable parts for the new year. Each machine runs best with new blades, o-rings, and lube. Preventative maintenance includes not only regular cleaning of your machine but also proper lubrication and checking for any wearable parts that may have seen better days.

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Read more about how our new partner Frozen Yogurt Parts can save you money on Parts

Exclusive Access: Unlisted Inventory

Call us at (352) 262-9627 for these Specials

  • 2012 Taylor C713 (1PH, Water) $8,000
  • 2007 Stoelting VB60 (3PH, Water) $9,000
  • 2004 Electro Freeze Ft-1 (1PH, Water) $9,500
  • 2006 Carpigiani Compacta 3003 (3ph, Water) $12,000

Ā Specials:

Call us at (352) 262-9627 for these specials

  • 25% off our online pricing for any water cooled machines (excluding pump models and batch freezers)
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How to adjust the rear coupling

When you pour the product mix into the machine's hopper, it is poured/pumped into the freezing cylinder. When the ice cream starts to freeze, it expands inside the barrel causing pressure on the drive shaft and the lubricated rubber shaft seal. When the rear coupling is not adjusted properly to fit the drive shaft, the drive shaft is pressed against the shell bearing causing the shell bearing to become flattened and sharp.

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Increase your profits with frozen lemonade

To keep it simple frozen lemonade is a very inexpensive product to sell. People absolutely love a refreshing drink on a hot day & the profit margins of this particular drink are high. Also keep in mind that there is no shortage of the ingredients you need nor is it difficult to find at your local grocery store or supermarket.

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