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Increase Your Profits with Shaved Ice

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Your Profit Weapon:

Shaved Ice produces profit margins of up to 90%. How so? For about 15 cents, you can sell 8-12oz of frozen product for $2-4 (Talk about a return on your investment!). This is great for roadside stands, mobile carts, trailers, trucks, carnivals festivals and more. 

At Slices Concession, we have shared our frozen drink knowledge with hundreds of entrepreneurs. By providing you with the best industry and equipment knowledge, we enable you to start making profit on day one with our shaved ice machines for sale. 

Slices Concession Shaved Ice Profits

What is Shaved ice?

Shaved ice is finely ground ice, which gives it a soft and fluffy texture.  When flavoring is added to the finely ground ice, the flavoring is instantly absorbed.  Shaved ice is also known as: Hawaiian shaved ice, snow, and snoballs.  Unlike most traditional frozen desserts, shaved ice is made to order so each one is unique.

1) Ice

The first ingredient, as you can guess, is a block of ice.  Most vendors make their own ice using ice buckets, others prefer to purchase it from ice distributors.  Either way, you have to account for how to store it.  For shorter events, we would recommend you using traditional coolers, but for longer events you might want to consider storing them in a mobile freezer.  

If you are planning on selling shaved ice at a commercial level, then you need a commercial shaved ice cream machine. Ice shavers are cheaper than ice cream machines and we highly recommend Swan Ice Shavers. These high-quality machines are durable (10+ years), reliable, and relatively inexpensive. They meet the highest health and safety requirements. They are NSF certified and simple to use. 

Swan shaved ice cream machines produce the highest quality of ground ice. The ice is so finely grounded, that it immediately absorbs any added flavoring. You simply add a block of ice into the shaver disk, lower the holder, and let the machine do the rest.

Machines We Offer:

Swan SI-100E
  Swan SI-100E 12V Block Ice Shaver

  • 4.6 lbs shave ice/minute 
  • Weight: 80lbs 
  • Dimensions: 35 x 22 x 19 in
  • Most Popular

    Swan SI-150SS

    Swan SI-150SS

    • Lower in price
    • Weight: 61 lbs 
    • Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 14 in


    Swan SI-100E 220V
    Swan SI-100E 220V

    • 4.6 lbs shave ice/minute 
    • 1/4 horsepower motor 
    • Weight: 80 lbs
    • Dimensions: 35 x 22 x 19 in

    Swan FM-500E

    Swan FM-500E Cube Shaver

    • Compact
    • Weight: 37 lbs
    • Dimensions: 19 x 16 x 13 in


    2) Flavoring

    Now you've got shaved ice, what about the flavor? You can buy flavoring from a number of online stores. Normally sold by the gallon, flavoring cost about $6-20 per gallon depending on the quality and flavor choices.  Most manufacturer's also will supply samples should you request them.

    One benefit of shaved ice is the number of flavor combinations that you can have.  When selling to crowds, it's a good idea to have a wide variety to choose from.  However, there is a balance of the 'right' number of flavors. Having too many flavors might make the customer's decision making process slower, but you can adjust your offerings over time until you find the right number.  


    Product Yield and Cost 

    Slices Concession Ice Shave Profit Yield and Margins

    Whatever you want to call shaved ice, it's not going anywhere. With such high profit margins and continuously longer and hotter summers, people like to cool down.

    Consider adding a Taylor ice cream machine and layering it into your shaved ice, creating a stuffed Louisiana Snoball.

    * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.



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